Thursday, August 6, 2009

Magical Acts of Kindness in Niexus-NST

Be Sincere

My parents were away in Kedah at the time when my grandpa was in ICU. I was supposed to stay in hostel but that weekend all the hostellites were allowed to go home. I waited for the bus for nearly an hour with my hostel mate, Afiq. Only after I boarded the bus did I realise that I’d lost my wallet. I was scared. When the bus conductor, the familiar Pak Chat (Afiq's father) came, he just walked past. Somehow he seemed to know my predicament. At last, when I reached my destination, I told Pak Chat before I alighted, "Tomorrow I will pay back the fare." He said, "It's okay! Afiq tells me that you always help him in his studies. So I already paid for your fare. Anyway it is only RM1." I nodded and thanked him. I sat for quite sometimes at the bus stop and pondered what mum used to tell me about how if we help people and never ask them to repay anything for our help then, sometimes, other people will help you out.
Posted By: Harith Muhammad

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