Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Salam Dari Gaza

* ini email dari seorang sahabat dari  bekas studentnya di Gaza. Muga Allah membuka hati kita untuk terus membantu mereka...al mustadaffin.

Asalam alikum Dr. 

It is now better than before but there is still some bombing from time to time. For rebuilding the houses, there are no building materials until now in Gaza, because these materials come from Israel. Also Egypt does not allow these materials to enter. We use Nylon for covering the windows, since it is cold these days here. I will send photos for my apartment for you inshaa Allah. Engineers from Jordan syndicates enter last week but they were stop inEgypt for days. There is still problem with fuel and electricity. Not every thing allowed to enter and the enemy destroys many farms small factories, trees, even chicken farms were destroyed .my greeting to your family , also my husband send his greetings to you and family.


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